Sunday, January 27, 2008

"A" - still working!

He's making decent money (although barely above minimum wage, with the hours... it's adding up!). He LOVES his work. He has a lot of authority and is given the freedom to do things himself without being monitored constantly. His boss is starting to teach him how to "understand" the sales and register reports to understand the system better and catch thieves (which there's been two fired already). His boss now has a new 'task' - he wants to buy "A" a car (and then deduct payments from his paycheck)... so that he can give rides to employees struggling to get into work and from store to store to cover other employees who call in sick, etc. Now, he's not even eligible to try to get his license back until April - and I'm SERIOUSLY against having the temptation of having a vehicle before he can drive it legally. But, other than that, it's a good offer. And I can't imagine there are many who work at a gas station that get offered this.

On the good news front - he's dating older women (older than him by a few years even?) and he's paid $700 towards his fines. He's not out of debt by any means, but he's at least working on it now, which is the first time in a year. AND he makes enough money to have some cash in his pocket. He's feeling pretty good about it all... I'm still the nervous nelly. I'm trying to help him see the reason he needs to get debt free and maybe savings while he's got no living expenses so that if something happens again, he's got a little cushion. That said, my cushion has gone so far away, it's not even funny. I'm still going to be garnished from my pay check for at least another three months (we're talking about a third my take home pay) - so thankfully I've got a tax refund coming. Issue is that I can't afford groceries without "A"s help... but hey, so be it. If I have to borrow money from him, I have to. It's not like I won't be able to get back on my feet either. And thankfully the timing is right, we're not both at the bottom at the same time, huh?

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