Friday, February 01, 2008

Gyno visit

OK - just to make sure nothing more serious was going on, they did a endometrial biopsy... very uncomfortable, but the pain passed quickly enough. Then they said I would probably spot just a little bit and left a pantyliner for me. LOL... that didn't help much. I'd bleed through it before I drove the three miles to work. But, I have maxi's in the car for just-in-case; went through two of them. Yeah, that's spotting.

Anyway she basically offered me the following... if the biopsy comes back normal, we can try an endometrial ablation, not that it would be a 100% cure, but that it might cut back the flow enough that maybe my cramping might ease up a little, which might be enough for me to get by for a while. It would be one day in the hospital procedure, and pretty quick recovery. However, if it doesn't help enough (or if the biopsy comes back with issues) then it's a hysterectomy anyway. Although she did think that there was a good chance that we could try the hysterectomy and leave one ovary. It wouldn't kill off all of the endometriosis, but enough to probably make things easier on me and not throw me into menopause. She felt that taking both ovaries would probably put me into pretty bad shape (I agree)... but like I told her, sooner or later I'm going to be hitting menopause's just how much do I suffer between now and then... and how severe the menopause will be. So, I've got a little over a week to think about my options, and she should have the results back by the middle of the month.

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britchik96 said...

I have a friend who went on a special diet as she had severe endo and she wanted kids. It worked, her symptoms got better and she got pregnant (twice). If you want the details let me know - it may help your symptoms. Having had a hysterectomy myself there are loads of advantages - but herbs and stuff do relieve symptoms. You describe the symptoms I had soooo well - and it brings back memories. Get well soon my friend!