Monday, February 04, 2008

Investigating Options

I've been investigating my options… it seems like the two proposals made by the gyno don't completely treat the endo.  But, upon investigation on-line there's a remote possibility that taking both ovaries may not kill it entirely either…. As apparently some women can produce estrogen even without their ovaries.  Rare, but possible. So, the question basically becomes to what extent do I take on risk/make modifications to deal with this given that the more severe options will have the most negative impact but have a higher rate of success (given none of them is 100%).

1) Diet - I did see an online mention on one of the web sites about the endo diet… btw this is the first site I saw where it stated that hysterectomy including ovaries isn't a 100% for sure cure. I have to watch my diet closely now (although I let in too many sweets); and do want to lose weight. I think that this option comes down to two cons…. 1) I have to make sure I am very careful and adapt it to my diet requirements for the medication I'm on (which is a big deal); 2) I have to be able to stick to it…. And that's always been tough for me. However, the pro is that I'm wanting to lose weight and if cutting back on refined sugars, etc. etc. can help on both accounts, it might be worth trying.

2) Ablation - burning the lining in the uterus… doesn't do squat for endo; but I wouldn't have such heavy cycles every two weeks; hopefully this will help reduce the Iron deficiency some; and as the gyno stated, sometimes it's the combination of all the symptoms that makes it harder to endure… given I have a lot of fibroids, unlike most patients my cycle won't stop altogether, but decreasing the flow would be a good start in the right direction. I struggle with this one. I would LOVE not to have my period anymore, but since I've got the fibroids, that's not likely to happen. But, it's a much less invasive procedure. I'm just thinking it isn't getting to the root of the problem.

3) Hysterectomy taking one ovary - per the web, if you lose one ovary, the other one takes up all the slack in producing estrogen (I thought I remembered that as the case, as my cousin had a cyst and had to lose an ovary, and it had no impact so it wasn't like estrogen dropped and she had to deal with the symptoms of estrogen withdrawal). So, although this would stop my cycle, it won't really change anything as far as endo goes. I'd still have the cramps and the other symptoms, just not the bleeding… Now, they can remove as much of the endo that they can find, but since I would still be producing estrogen, if there was any left, it could still continue to grow and expand.  Given that it won't make the endo go away on it's own, this is a pretty invasive procedure with a long recovery period just to stop the bleeding portion of the issue.

4) Hysterectomy taking both ovaries -- visited a hysterectomy website for women going through or gone through hysterectomy's… and this is the second site where I found out that even if both ovaries are taken does not mean 100% you're out of the woods with the endo. But I'm thinking that the odds you still have issues has to be pretty low! But it really bothers me that I'm considering this drastic solution knowing how horrible instant menopause can be, and then to have the risk that it still won't fix me… given how much I tend to beat all odds…. I can just imagine I'd be that half of one percent that doesn't get cured by it.

So, at this point, the thought is to try the diet and take a wait-and-see approach and keep investigating the other options. I'm going to start boring you soon with my own workout, diet, and weight tracking. I figure if it's online I'll be held more accountable for it. And since my weight hasn't budged in the past six months, I've got to start doing something to up the ante.

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britchik96 said...

2 things: i'll talk to you separately about hysterectomy's and my view of it. I feel like I'm qualified as I lost both ovaries too (although my cervix is still there - long story I'll tell you separately from the blog). On the workout front - take up a spin class. it's biking for 45mins in a dark room with awesome music. Can't say I "love" it - but it kicks your ass and you burn about 800 calories. Just tell yourself "it's ONLY an hour, it's ONLY an hour".