Monday, March 17, 2008

$2500 - Thanks Carl!!!

Thank god my step-father has some money. I just had to bite the bullet and call him to ask him for some. The insurance company states that since the entire cost of the prescription at ($2500 for less than two weeks); is greater than the amount remaining in the coverage account, and more than would be required of my deductable, and then would hit three separate calculations (they cover 100% of the first X amount, My deductable is 100% of the cost to the next X amount, then they pay 80% of the next X amount); that what they do is require that I pay ALL of it, and then they'll re-imburse me the remaining amount. UGH

So, I called my step-father and said, Hi, how are you. I hate to call you to ask for money, but that's what I'm doing. He said he could help. But this still sucks. I hate asking for help. But, I truly have no other choice. I can't afford the medicine, I can't afford to not take the medicine, and I can't afford to not have the surgery. At least I can pay him back some of it when I get the re-imbursement from the insurance company. But, this totally sucks.

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