Wednesday, March 05, 2008

A different view of life

Life on crutches is a bit different ...

Am a bit wobbly still, especially on steps. Railings are a GOD SEND... if the railing is on my good side, I can use it to balance myself, and only use a crutch on my left side.

The slightest slope, can affect your balance - who knew?

Narrow hallways - ugh! Time to get rid of the stack of boxes in my hallway of the results of my closet purging.

How the h*ll do you carry - anything??? Basically I have a tote filled with the various things I want to have with me, like my billfold, cell phone, remote access key fob, knitting; and I make "a" carry it for me from room to room.

In & out of the car? lol! I put my but in first, scoot back as far as I can & then I have to lift my leg (straight) up & into the corner of the door, up & over the front seat ( a 180 degree turn ) & lower it down onto the center console. Good thing it's too cold for skirts or I'd be flashing half the city.

Picking things up from the floor??? LOL -- I can kind of do it... use one crutch on the left side, swing my bad leg straight out behind me, bend my right knee & be VERY careful not to lose my balance.

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