Monday, March 10, 2008

Feeling really old

As a joke, I had bought a co-worker a 'grab-it' or 'gopher' tool... you know, it's on tv, as being able to 'extend your reach'.... her desk is about four feet from the printer, however, there's a short wall between us and the printer; which requires a walk to the opposite end of the cubes we're in and around the wall and back - about 40-feet in each direction. Unfortunately, it's not quite long enough to pull a printout from a printer four feet away. Need a couple of more feet of 'reach'.

But, she brought it to my house today to help me with my difficulty reaching the ground... with a leg in a splint.

And, I broke down and bought a shower chair - for the shower. Much safer, but makes me feel 80.

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