Monday, March 17, 2008

Not so depressed today

Yesterday I managed to get the kitchen and two bathrooms cleaned... and a corner of the living room picked up. My knee was killing me by bed time, but eh, at least I got stuff done.

AND I feel a lot less depressed today. "A" came home last night and then went out again until late. A friend came and picked him up in Ames, drove him out to the girl he was trying to meet... and then brought him home. Then they went to work out. And who knows what else. UGH.

Today, I've barely spoken to him. He had to get up early as he got called into work. I'm so angry with him that I can't talk to him about it yet. Only good news is that I'm still at the 68K miles on the odometer with a 79K warranty. God, I hope whatever is wrong is under warranty. Otherwise I'm back to the other options. We'll see.

I just figured out last night that the cost of the shots I'm going to have to take are going to only partially be covered by insurance. I've got awesome insurance, however, it just so happens to hit wrong this time around. I'm thinking that I'm going to end up paying about $1500 for it - and I need the money by Wednesday, and I don't have it. I'm going to call the pharmacy to verify and have them run it, if I'm wrong, that would be AWESOME! However, if I'm not. I'm thinking I'm going to have to call my step-father and ask for the money. If I don't take the shots it's extremely likely I'll clot again, and I can't afford to take the chance that I wouldn't survive this time. As it is, knee surgery is very high risk for clotting even without clotting disorders. No good news there.

We made the tex-mex pasta last night. It was edible... it was ok. It wasn't great. We've got leftovers to eat today, I think I'm going to add tomato sauce when I reheat it for lunch and spice it up a little more. It was just a bit too blah for me. If I'd had salsa (I'm out), I would have added it. It would have been better that way.

"a" refused to even try it at first. About twenty minutes later he polished off what I couldn't finish from my plate and then cleaned off his plate. He decided it was very yummy after all.

I did try the new method of cooking up 3 lbs of hamburger at once... and so we've started the next two meals then already. One's in the fridge, the other in the freezer. But, it really only took about five more minutes to brown 3 lbs than 1 lb. So, it really is a time-saver. I've done similar things in the past, but not so much as part of a PLAN, more as just a saving on bulk purchase. So, now I'm going to try to PLAN to save time and money better.

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