Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Stress level getting a little lower

Got some good news - the car repair is under warranty! Woohoo! and Thank God it happened now instead of 2000 miles later. Problem is they're waiting for the part (central differential) from LA, so it'll be later next week before we'll get it back. We should know if the parts in by Tuesday, so if it's not, I've got to ask someone to drive me to and from surgery - ok, I could do taxi, but that REALLY isn't the right time to do taxi's.

I spent Sunday & part of Monday and did some damage control (15 minutes at a time). The kitchen and both bathrooms were clean, and the living room was ready to be vacuumed... only by Tuesday - "A" had destroyed the kitchen and "a" had re-destroyed the living room. But, it felt good knowing I could do something even if it was on crutches. I'm frustrated that they aren't helping me 'keep' it clean.... but that's part of living with kids I guess. Doesn't mean I can't be grumpy about it and nag them about it either though.

Am working on next week's menu planning (not that this week worked out great - sort of lasted two weeks). As a friend (THANK YOU) has offered to pick up a few groceries. I haven't told her yet that I'm going to take her up on it... so, guess I better do that!

Will be super happy to have this surgery done and over with and be back on my feet!

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britchik96 said...

Good luck in surgery, I'll be thinking of you. And BTW - A is not a kid. He's an adult.