Friday, March 28, 2008

Surgery done

Went well.

Still sore today, but, that's to be expected.

They did the reconstruction of the ACl tendon. But, I guess, once they got in there, that the other two tendons that they thought had small tears that they had to mend, didn't they were just 'stretched' out.

But, they did find bone fragments... that they picked out. Don't know from what 'bone' or if there are rough edges to worry about or anything - but I wasn't 'with it' enough yesterday to ask.

I see the Orthopedist on Monday for the follow up, so I'll ask him then what it was about.

I've been able to start putting a little weight on my leg already, but am happier to keep it up, with ice on it. And am thankful for the pain killers. I slept most of yesterday, but once the injectable pain killers wore off, I was up most of the rest of the night every other hour when the Tylenol 3 would wear off. I talked to the nurse today, and they wrote me up a Darvacet prescription, so while that isn't quite as strong, it lasts longer. So, I can take one of each, and will sleep better tonight.

In the meantime, ice is my best friend.

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britchik96 said...

Glad you got through it OK - was thinking of you. I emailed you about my fantastic weekend!