Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Well, I thought I learned to ski this weekend...

until I blew out my knee on my second run down a green run on Cooper Mountain.

I still had a blast, and skiing was really fun. I felt really comfortable on the bunny mountain, although I was really struggling with turning to the right. Decided on day 2 that I could try the green runs and see if that would make the turns easier, since you do so many more turns on a long run than short runs... made it all the way down the first time and only fell once (well, ok, I fell also when getting off the ski lift, but I fell every time I tried to get off a ski lift... so I'm not counting that). Second time down though I must have been too tired... I fell three times on the way down... go to about the easiest part of the run (bottom 1/4) easy slope, only slightly steeper than the bunny hill. But, this time, I fell while doing a right turn as my weight was on my left leg, but my right ski 'stuck' on sticky snow (it was all melting since it was 40 degrees). as I started to go into doing the splits; I felt something pop in my left knee - and I dropped instantly. I blew out the main tendon on the inside of the knee and possibly one or two of the inside tendons. It's going to need surgery. Oh, joy!

I go today to get an MRI to see how bad the damage is, but they're calling it a very serious injury without even looking at the MRI at this point. UGH! But, I can be a good girl and listen to the doctors and follow instructions. Hopefully, we can schedule the surgery quickly and start the recovery period.

UNFORTUNATELY! I can't drive & I'm stuck in Des Moines, means I'll miss visiting with friends this weekend... I'm so bummed!

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Dory said...

Oh that DOES suck... I was looking forward to seeing you!