Monday, April 07, 2008

Any wonder that I'm sick of being at home?

This is the view from my desk at home....

Tried to go to work today.... but go figure, "A" left the lights on in the car for three days and the battery was dead. We tried jumping it, but it wasn't going to happen. Took 6 hours for the tow truck to arrive, and then they did get it to start and didn't have to take it anywhere. Grrrr.....

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Carrie said...

Teenagers can be tough. I hope he straightens up for your case as well as his own. You can send him this way and we can give him the germaphobic/military way of living. He will be screaming home.
I hope the knee is getting better soon. It is hard being the only one at home and frustrating that you can't do anything for yourself. Remember to call if there is anything i can do.
Live well and prosper.
Don't forget to look me up.