Thursday, April 03, 2008

"A" getting kicked out - again

I'm done. He's staying up all night, he's sleeping all day, he thinks "looking for work" counts if he's filled out two applications.

I need a ride to physical therapy tomorrow morning. Knowing that he was up until at least 4 am this morning - I tried to wake him up at 11:00 to try to nudge him back into non-teenage waking hours. It didn't work, so I tried again at 11:30 and again at 12:00. All week I've been getting him up by 12:00 ... but not today. Nope - and I informed him that I wasn't going to give up, but that I was only going to get more annoying until he got up. It became a battle of wills. With "Barney & Friends" playing at 100% volume - he got up (tried to kick me as I stood there with a can of pepsi for him on my crutches)... and unplugged the tv & Cable box knowing that for me to plug them back in takes at least 10-20 minutes of effort.

I told him that if he lays a hand on me - his ass is going to jail. He said he didn't care. He "only wants another hour of sleep" - ok it's now the fourth day since he lost his job, he's only applied to a couple of places for work, and he doesn't see why I have to be 'obnoxious' about getting him out of bed by noon. According to him, I'm being unreasonable.

I told him that I wouldn't have gotten obnoxious if he'd just gotten up as he'd been told and that if he was living with me, he had a choice - either get a job, or go to school... if you are looking for work, sleeping in past noon is NOT ACCEPTABLE... THE END.

Teenage mindset - she's going completely off the wall just because I'm too tired to get up right this minute.

Mother's mindset - you don't have a job, your staying up late & drinking, and for gods sake, I'm not making you get up at 6 am, or even 8 am - but noon - come on! Get up already!

Teenage mindset - after all I've done for you - you can't let me sleep?

So, I cut him a deal - if he wanted to sleep for another hour - it would be the last time he slept in my apartment. He agreed to it - so I shut up.

He's awake right now and checking his email - drinking his first pepsi (he threw the one I gave him an hour ago to the floor where it burst & made a mess). I'm on a conference call at work. As soon as it's done I'm giving him two hours to get out.

I've found a wonderful service that will pick up groceries, drop off laundry, take me to and from my physical therapy for only $25/hour plus gas expenses. AND I won't get told what an ass I am every day and I won't have to fight to get her to wake up in the morning or fight with her over leaving her trash all over my house.

Unfortunately, it's a little too expensive to try to get her to take me to work & "a" to daycare every day - but it was probably a pipe dream thinking I was going to get "A" to do it anyway... he would only have made me miserable if I'd managed to get him up at 8 am five days a week anyway. Hopefully with the physical therapy 3 times a week, I'll be able to drive myself within a few weeks... so it's definitely worth it to try to get this all arranged. My biggest issue is moving things from one place to another - but "a" was trying to help with that when he was here... so it shouldn't be a big deal to keep trying that sort of thing.

A bigger deal is that it's already Thursday of the second week that "a" has been with his father - and "A" did NOT do one thing to help with clearing out some of the stuff in "a"s room. B R A T -- I have been doing all the cleaning - he's been doing half of the cooking - and the shopping. B R A T child! Bitch at me about 'all he's done for me'... I did finally lay it down last night - and he finally did about three loads of laundry - which means, I have to sort the dirty clothes - he carries a load to the washer & runs it, moves it to the dryer & runs it, and brings me back a load of clothes to fold & hang. AND THEN BITCHES because I want him to put his clothes away.

WE SO SHOULD NOT EVER LIVE TOGETHER - we only, EVER, piss each other off.

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britchik96 said...

You are doing the right thing. He better not lay a hand on you. Stupid will feel so much better when he's gone. Stick to your wills, take away his phone and let him stand on his own too feet. About flipping time - I'm behind you all the way.