Saturday, April 12, 2008

Making progress

I'm down to one crutch, and that, just barely. It's there for when the muscles around my knee get tired & start a-quivering. But, then again, I'm still in my leg brace. In another week I should be able to lose both the leg brace & the remaining crutch... like my title states, I'm making progress.

They're really happy that I can straighten my leg completely. Not so happy that I can only bend it about 85 degrees. They wanted me at 130 degrees by now. Um, not even close! My knee is still really swollen (you have to push really hard to find then edges of the knee caps. It feels super-tight - like trying to reach your toes in pants two to three sizes too small. The therapist tried to push me a little harder on Wednesday with the bending - and I was in virtual agony that night & the next day. I still can't bend it as far as before (and this is being posted four days later). Since there are sharp pains happening in the knee, I'm taking it easier now until Monday to try to give it a chance to rest.

Staples come out on Monday - not a minute too soon. I didn't even think about the fact that I tend to have allergic reactions to cheap metal (earrings, rings, that kind of thing). So, guess who is allergic to the metal they use in staples? yeah, great. But, I'm even more allergic to adhesive tape - so instead of trying to get the staples out early and use tape to keep them closed until Monday - we're waiting it out. The rash isn't too bad yet... and it's only two days away. So, my knee itches a lot. I'll survive.

"A" is still searching for work, not having a lot of luck. But, he's also being really good at helping me out right now and we're still on the receiving end of a positive attitude. So, we're still in good shape. He got up early all week without complaint and took "a" and I to work & school. Ran errands, picked us up & cooked dinner. That's pretty good considering how things were last week around here. He even is trying new recipes for me. The 'chef' in him is enjoying trying new meals even if he isn't admitting to it. He's actually ok with cooking dinner as long as he knows 'what to make'. I have to admit, I always hated trying to come up with something to cook myself when I was tired of making the same old meals... so he takes after me there. So, the good news is that my 'meal planning' as such as it is, does help there.

I cheated last 'meal planning session'.... I found an interesting concept... 1 bag, 5 dinners. Again, like last 'meal planning session' - one week of recipes ended up in not all of them being cooked, and being spread over two weeks instead of one. But, eh. It's a start. Here's the web-site...

We tried the chicken & beef bag 1. The Chicken pesto wasn't that great (although the chicken itself turned out very yummy, we just scraped off the pesto). Hadn't thought much about shake & bake, but we'll have that again, as the frozen chicken breasts really were quite juicy & it's a good way to use chicken besides just grilling them. The Polynesian-glazed meatballs were a huge hit. I was doubtful when looking at the recipe, but even Adam loved them. We ended up just using plain meatballs & eating them without the spaghetti sauce/hoagies... although we have enough meatballs left for real spaghetti meal... so that's the current plan. We didn't make the Alfredo chicken, but we're hanging onto the Alfredo sauce & are planning on making regular Chicken Alfredo - with broccoli & sugar snap peas & cauliflower. That's usually a big hit around here, and I'll make my version I know the kids will like instead of trying a new version.

So, we might have to try another of these - 1 bag - 5 meals... although, the name is a bit of a joke. I do believe by the time you add beverages, lunches, etc... you've still got just as many bags as any other shopping trip. But, I like the idea of trying new recipes and being able to print out the shopping list... especially since I'm still having someone else pick up groceries for me. They have lots of other recipes on this and other sites... and this lets you add recipes to your recipe 'box' online so that if you find an interesting recipe, you can 'clip' it and add it to your 'album' for future viewing. Then - if you select a few recipes, you can use it to generate a shopping list. A very nice feature.... and since they let you add other recipes, you can also add them. I'm sure though, it's not as simple as copy & paste from other web sites their recipes.... which would be cool if it did allow that... so you could browse several recipe sites & still get your recipe box all in one place.

Well, I'm done rambling, so I guess it's back to cleaning the house. We had it pretty clean last Sunday, but I really didn't feel like dealing with it all week... and since I had Physical Therapy on Friday, along with running to the hospital for more blood tests and needing to hit the bank - I worked at home on Friday... which mean "a" was home all day. And needless to say, the house is now a pit. Friday, I managed to stop him before it got 'too bad' ... he announced that he was making a cake - which basically involved mixing a bunch of ingredients into the peanut butter jar. I got him out of the kitchen in time to keep it from being a complete disaster... a mess still... but not the worst kid's cake mess I've ever had to clean up.

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