Wednesday, April 02, 2008


I didn't have to poke myself today! I'm officially "ok enough" on the oral to not have to do the injections anymore! Yeeahaw! I'm soooo happy. It honestly wasn't the worst thing I've had to do... but am SO happy not to have to do it anymore. And the hints on the 'right' way to do it meant that I really didn't have that much discomfort... maybe only 5 minutes or so compared to hours long pain when I had these shots given to me in the hospital. And - my biggest bruise is about the size of a fingertip instead of baseball/softball sized bruises. So, all in all, WAY better than I expected. WAY better than previous experiences getting these shots from nurses who are supposed to be trained in it.

LOL - the worst shot I gave myself, was when I accidentally hit a nerve, it wouldn't have been so bad, as I instinctively withdrew the needle really quickly. BUT unfortunately, my instincts weren't done then... oh, no... I rejabbed myself a second time in the same place?! WTH?! My hand just kind of took over for my mind, pulled the needle out and stuck it right back in. Hurt like the dickens! Thankfully, by then my mind figured out what an idiot I was and took over - slowly pulling the needle right back out, but then I tried a second location and it was still "upset" or something and was still painful. So more ice and the third spot was pain free. Grr.... bad enough I hit the nerve once, but to do it unconsciously a second time - well, that just sucked!

Next challenge - get my blood levels on the oral meds stable and in range. I tested low... but we're at the same dosage that was sort-of working before I stopped taking it. I posted something similar to my clotting internet list group - about how I figure it'll take more patience to get back into range and stable... and someone who didn't know me told me that yes, every time they've had to go off for surgery or a procedure, it takes them a month to get back in range. Oh, really? My response was something like "if it takes me only a month to get back in range and stable, I'll dance naked at the capital". Good grief, my first time on the meds, I was on them for eight months and NEVER stable. The second time on the meds, it took 10 months before I got in range and stable, stayed stable for two months before it went all wonky again... and then it wasn't stable at the time I went off. So out of 22 months, I have a track record of two months of stability. Not exactly expecting the miracle of only taking a month to get back in sync. Shoot, I'd be happy if it only took three months to get back in sync.

If it takes more than six months - I think I'm going to ask if they can put me on the brand-name version of the meds... for some people who can't get stable, it's better at helping them get stable. There are others who couldn't stick it out even six months the first time through... they are on the shots for life. Uh, no... not my choice if I could help it. If nothing else, the cost of the shots is exorbitant... let alone dealing with the injections every day. But, it isn't just the constant testing you have to do when your not stable ... it's the fact that you are at higher risk for a) medicine not working and still having another stroke/pe or b) medicine suddenly kicking in way too high and having a serious bleeding incident. 5% of the people on my medicine have a serious bleed within the first year... less than 1% will die of it... which is still low risk considering everything else. But it isn't a risk to scoff at. That risk is why I wasn't on the medicine at the time I had my stroke. Since they weren't certain what exactly was happening (and weren't listening to me)... they didn't want to put me on this high risk medicine... well, some doctors didn't want to put me on this high risk medicine... others were suggesting it, but it was getting shot down by the doctors who don't like the risk associated with it.

I'm so glad to be past the surgery and back on the mending trail. I'm going to be sick of physical therapy long before I'm done with it, I'm sure... but eh, it'll be good for me - right?! At this point, I honestly can't wait until I have better use of my legs so I can go back to exercising ... not that a walk across the apartment isn't some exercise. Heck - going down or up the stairs is enough to practically wear me out. But, getting out of the house and into the work out environment is good too. I'm tired of being cooped up at home.

I'm hoping starting next week I can FORCE "A" into taking "a" to daycare and me to the office every day. On the excuse that he can then use the daytime and car to go look for work. Oops - forgot, I didn't post - he got fired from his job. A couple of his employees were stealing from the company... and he got fired because he didn't know enough to know how to make it harder for them. Great, huh? It kind of sucks, because anyone who wants to steal can always figure out a way to do it. And they were already suspicious of these two employees as it was over petty theft... and "A" had already implemented a couple of procedures to try to prevent it, and had suggested that they start filming the employees without their knowledge at the cash register to try to catch them.

Pretty much the entire staff got fired - but I feel bad for "A" and the other co-worker who never stole from the company... he only got fired because one of the ones who had stolen from the company claimed that he had been involved... when "A"s pretty sure she was just it was her just trying to frame this other guy. They tried framing "A" as well, but it didn't take. Not that he didn't lose his job anyway.

Oh, well.. lesson learned. Although he loved the independence this job gave him, his boss was a cheap-skate which is never really good for you long run. But, I like the fact that this job was good work experience for him and really good for his self-esteem. He wants to get even, understandably, so I told him to rat out his boss for the things he knows he's doing illegally. He's buying cigarettes out of state and illegally bringing them in to de-fraud the state on the cigarette taxes; he's mis-labeling the gas in the fuel tanks; he refuses to pay time and a half for overtime; he's constantly screwing up the payroll and underpaying employees.... well, I've told "A" to document all of this each time it happened... and to write down which employees got affected by it.. so he should have evidence. Shoot, you only have to buy a pack of cigarettes to see that they don't have an Iowa tax stamp on them... "A" thinks it's NOT ENOUGH... as this guy is rich and will probably only get fined... but it would be interesting to see that if they find very many issues - that they won't audit him, etc looking for more issues. And that would be a big pain for him...

And, besides, if we get past the 'revenge' piece of it all, it's only right to report things that you see going on illegally... I just hadn't gotten him to the point of reporting his employer when he was so happy in his job. Ya know? But, he might do it now that he's angry with him... and wanting his revenge. And doing a LEGAL thing by reporting a crime is more appropriate than an ILLEGAL thing that lands your *ss in jail! Which I repeat to him almost hourly right now.

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