Thursday, April 24, 2008

One step forward, two steps back

Last night, the physical therapist sent me home. First thing, she always asks how the pain is. Well, last night I told her my calf has really been hurting me all day. It's hurt in the past off & on basically just needing to get back in shape. But usually, if I lay off, it feels better... but not yesterday. And, of course, my leg was swollen on top of it. Not badly swollen, but more swollen than it's been for two weeks. Been swollen before, but was getting better the further away from surgery we got... only yesterday, it was more swollen.

So, she's playing the 'better safe than sorry' card... which makes sense. I've gone in today to get my blood tested. If my medicine levels are low - she wants me to go to the ER to get an ultrasound done to see if I've got a leg clot. If the levels are high, she wants me to take it easy and 'wait and see'.

So, I got my blood tested this morning and called the nurse to tell her to be on the look out for the results. When I explained why, she really kind of wanted me to go in immediately to ER for testing... I managed to put her off to wait & see what my test results are. If they are low, I can go right now... if they are high - well, she'll probably try to talk me into going in anyway.

I DON'T WANNA! Do I sound like "a"? Even more? I don't wanna have a new clot. Ugh... especially if my levels are normal. Because if my levels are normal that means I might have to switch medications over to the outrageously priced and nasty daily injections.... I DON'T WANNA! WAH!

OK, done whining. Should hear within an hour or so what the test results are, and we'll see where we go from there.

Oh, and now I have to admit how dumb I am... Since I have never experienced any symptoms or clots in my legs... I had to post a question online with my group if when they say their leg was 'swollen' - did that mean all-over leg swelling? Or kind of back of the leg swelling? Of course, if you really think about it... not-all-over swelling, would probably get described as a 'lump', now wouldn't it? Their answers, of course - all-over swelling. Which is what I have. Bummer. as it means I have two of the four symptoms (the two most common ones at that) of leg clotting, when I'm a clotter & just had a leg injury AND knee surgery both of which are HIGH risk for clotting. BUT, I'm ON THE MEDICINE. And I know full well, that sometimes, even when you're on the medicine you can clot... it's rare, but it can still happen. It just S*CKS is all.

Oh, and if I clot now? That means that they'll probably argue against a hysterectomy - since abdominal surgery is another high clotting risk activity. grrr...

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