Saturday, April 19, 2008

Progress with the house & the knee

I really don't need my crutches any more unless my knee tires out and I have to give it a break. I can put my full weight on it, but it starts to wobble insanely when the muscles get tired. I did finally start seeing more progress in bending - with a ton of pain, I can reach 100 degrees. Comfortable bending is at around 70 degrees, so it'll take time before I get to where they want me... but I'm fighting for it.

I've gotten to where the kitchen & living room are 'maintainable'... not completely de-cluttered, and not completely organized, but not looking like it was hit by a bomb either.

I am truly trying to de-clutter, as I hope to move this summer to a new apartment. I'm dying to have a washer & drying in apartment instead of paying $3.50/load of laundry in quarters. It's such a HUGE pain, between having quarters available, having time to complete the loads when it's open and sharing it with the other five apartments in my building.

I've found several apartment buildings closer to work & in good school districts... and although they are more expensive, they are only about $100 more per month. And gaining washer & dryer is worth it to me.

I put off the move last year, but figure this is the time. Plus, then "a" will be in the right neighborhood so that a year from now, he starts kindergarten in a good school.

My tasks today (besides picking toys up in my bedroom.... which is a never-ending battle...) is to list some teacups & saucers on ebay that my Grandmother gave me. It was a sweet gesture, and she was trying to acknowledge that I was growing up..... but they have NEVER been used, and I'm not particularly fond of them. They were just never 'me'. I kept them because everyone else in my family made a big deal about them... and because, afterall, I did care about my grandmother and she gave them to me out of love. But, when it comes right down to it... they are clutter, and I don't LOVE them. And someone else might. I'm learning how to let go, and this is one that I can handle.

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