Monday, April 14, 2008

Progress with "A"

He's actively looking for work every week day (except when I'm running him ragged).
He's cooking dinner every evening (without being asked).
He's getting up by 8:00 am every weekday to take me to work & drop "a" off at daycare.
He's doing multiple loads of laundry every week.
He's doing the grocery shopping (and asking me for the list).
He's doing dishes if they need doing, he's picking up if it needs doing, he's vacuuming if it needs doing.

I'm loving it, but I also know that it's only going to be GREAT for a period of time. I know that he & I don't get along well enough to expect this to last for very long. But, it's still REALLY, REALLY nice.

His job search has been tough... not getting anywhere with it. But, it's April - as far as most shopping areas, stores aren't going to be doing a lot of hiring. I think restaurant-wise, around here, that's probably year-round. But most of those hiring now (with the economics the way they are)... are probably those that have high turn around. I've been pushing him more towards temp agencies (which he isn't so keen on yet). Thinking that it will get him exposed to more job opportunities and types of work -- giving him exposure & experience. We'll see.

He had his pre-trial hearing today. They are postponing it until May - the defense lawyer received a warrant to request the 'guy's (that "A" beat up) phone records. As "A"s excuse that it wasn't "Breaking & Entering" nor "trespassing" is that they both had an open-door policy (i.e., neither of them knocked before entering each other's apartments... and in fact, when I still lived in Newton - he would often enter my home without knocking to visit "A"). AND - "A" had gotten a call from him that morning asking him to come over. So, he did... and the door wasn't locked... and so we're trying to get that charge thrown out.

Funny thing is ... the prosecuting attorney has already dropped the assault charges. I assume because he wasn't very seriously injured... some bruises, bloody nose, no stitches, etc.

They are dropping the B&E down to trespassing... but it's still a felony. And the attorney is asking for 5 years in jail. If we can prove that he'd been invited... well, then we're down to nothing... and the defense attorney is still fighting for that. So, hopefully, we'll get lucky with that and this can all just go away.

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