Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Trying to light a fire

I was overly, completely exhausted this morning. Ended up oversleeping. Part of it was I was up late last night fretting over my sore leg. I took some tylenol (one regular, one pm) and could not wake up out of the fog.

I'd also been stressing a bit over "A"... and decided to take the day off and focus on helping him try to reach some goals.

  • We took "a" to daycare.
  • Scheduled a hair appt for me - I'm back to 20 " of no style whatsoever, except possibly old hippie - which I hate, so we'll try to get a style - again.
  • "A" got his license (fourth try, but hey, at least he's legal now)
  • Bought a "beater" - a 95 Ford Thunderbird that probably inhales gas & oil... but it runs, and it's only $1500... and it's an automatic, which means I CAN DRIVE for a change. I'm going to drive the beater for the next month or so... or at least until I have better control & strength with my left leg.
  • He applied at a temp agency.
  • I exchanged a movie that's been sitting in the car (eek) for 14 months
  • AND - I even got some laundry done
In my opinion - we got stuff done. Plus if "A" gets called to do some work through the temp agency, we won't have to deal with - "but I have to pick my mom up at 6:00 pm" issues.

Next, I'm making a schedule for "A" to follow so that the days don't get away from him and he ends up doing pretty much "nuttin" all day instead of being motivated and eagerly seeking a new job. "waiting for it to fall in his lap" --- geez! You think I got where I did with waiting around to see what happens?

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