Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Adult Film Star Name

Your Adult Film Star Name Is...

Venus Vegas

What's Your Adult Film Star Name?

OK - Venus or Vegas might even work for the puppy... doubt I can swing it past "A", who by the way is completely, totally in love with the puppy. (Well, ok the whole family is.) But, it was "A" who was positively sure that I was completely insane for wanting a puppy and it was going to ruin his life if I did... ha! Now, it's a fight over who gets to sleep with the puppy! I'm hoping to talk him into a time-share tonight. Puppy can cuddle and play with him until he's ready to go to bed - then he puts the puppy in bed with me at night. Puppy helps me wake up in the morning (as she doesn't understand the word "snooze")... I take her outside, feed her, take her outside again... "a" wears her out... when I get ready to leave for work, I put the puppy in bed with the boy who sleeps until noon. See... time-sharing. We both get to spend time with the puppy at night.

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