Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Flying & Menu Planning

Make a list of each room or area in your house then next to it, put one of the following?

Hit by an ATOMIC bomb
Hit by a bomb
Decluttered but not cleaned
Cleaned but not organized
Organized but not detailed
Detailed and on maintenance mode.

If you have a room in blue, work on it first to bring it back to green. Then work on your red rooms and move down the list by colors.

Here is my list:

Master bathroom ~ Detailed and on maintenance mode
Master Bedroom ~
Cleaned but not organized
Hallway ~ Detailed and on maintenance mode.
a's room ~ Hit by a bomb --Woohoo! Some improvement FINALLY! No RED
Kitchen ~
Cleaned but not organized
Front Bath ~
Cleaned but not organized
Office area ~
Cleaned but not organized
Living Room ~
Cleaned but not organized
Dining Room ~
Hit by a bomb
Front Door ~
Detailed and on maintenance mode.

Progress... We went through "a"s room and have eliminated about 1/3 of the toys. Some are going into storage for "later" and others are being "gifted". He doesn't quite know about the last part. Hopefully, they'll just happen to disappear and he just won't quite notice as they are toys he really doesn't want or need.

Meal Planning.

We ended up eating out about three times and having Chicken & Rice sooner than originally planned (as it is too quick and easy and very tempting to make). We were going to make Taco Layers last night, only I ended up having to make three trips to West Des Moines - so "A" was just going to make tacos - which was probably a good idea as the tortillas were NASTY. They would NOT have been good in a "dish". As it was, we ended up just eating the meat with cheese and salsa on a plate. Not much of a meal, but eh... better than those nasty tortillas.

So these are the meals that didn't even remotely happen:
  • Leftovers Casserole
  • Alfredo Chicken
  • Best Homemade Chicken Soup
So, this week's menus are including these three items... plus McD's on Wednesday night, and Friday night (driving to Iowa City to drop "a" of at Dads). This is assuming we don't drive to St Louis this weekend to pick up the new puppy. I still haven't heard back from the shelter that we can meet this weekend to meet the puppy and finish the paperwork. Kind of on tenderhooks... but all is good. If this weekend doesn't work out, it's not the end of the world. And if the adoption falls through, we can survive. Not that she isn't absolutely adorable and I can't WAIT to get her home... but if I have to wait longer, then so be it.

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