Friday, May 30, 2008

Flying Post

Make a list of each room or area in your house then next to it, put one of the following?

Hit by an ATOMIC bomb
Hit by a bomb
Decluttered but not cleaned
Cleaned but not organized
Organized but not detailed
Detailed and on maintenance mode.

If you have a room in blue, work on it first to bring it back to green. Then work on your red rooms and move down the list by colors.

Here is my list:

Master bathroom ~ Detailed and on maintenance mode
Master Bedroom ~
Cleaned but not organized (although I have been working on it!)
Hallway ~ Detailed and on maintenance mode.
a's room ~ Hit by a bomb
Kitchen ~
Organized but not detailed
Front Bath ~
Organized but not detailed
Office area ~
Hit by a bomb
Living Room ~
Hit by a bomb (although a good vaccum is all it really needs)
Dining Room ~
Hit by a bomb
Front Door ~
Detailed and on maintenance mode.

So, some progress, some loss of progress. Kitchen & bedroom are both looking better. The "Office area" is just my desk - which has stuff from head phones to stuffed animals to bird seed just piled on top of it! What a mess. BUT, ideally, I ignore my bomb areas and focus on the BLUE items. So, this week I am going to try to tackle the Kitchen & Front Bath and get them into "
the green". I'm planning on making "A" tackle the vacuuming in the living room which will get it into the "the brown". Wow, can you believe it? AND this while enjoying the start of summer and a new puppy besides! I'm thrilled with the process I've made with really minimal effort. How come this became so hard after "a" was born???

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