Thursday, May 15, 2008

Having trouble focusing...

Heading to St Louis starting tomorrow evening to pick up my new puppy!

So, to try to get my mind back to work - I'm going to jot down all my to-do's:

a) Call Gerty & Larry - see if I can stay there Saturday night
b) Call John (a's) dad - see if Sunday early evening will work for picking up "a" in Iowa City
c) Prepare Graduation Gift & Card to drop off on way home from Iowa City on Sunday evening
d) Pick up Cash at bank (rescue shelter only takes cash)
e) Pack for "a" to go to Dad's this weekend and "A" & I for St Louie
f) Clean pet carrier up (has scared kitty scent in it) & pack in car
g) Get oil changed in the car
h) pack up knitting project for the car - think I'll take my sweater that's going to end up being a summer sweater or next spring sweater as I have at least another month or two to work on it

... I think that's it for now... now to try to get back to work!

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