Thursday, May 08, 2008

Impulse control

I probably need more of it.

I know I've been struggling with money issues for the past year... but with Carl's loan to cover my medicine expenses, I was much less stressed. And buying a car for the sake of not having to rely on "A" to drive me everywhere... that probably wasn't very fiscally responsible. BUT, I hate being dependent on ANYONE... and I justified it in my own mind as that while he had to worry about my schedule and "a"s schedule, it was just another excuse for not finding a job. And, while I know that he can come up with a million excuses all on his own, my adding any weight to any excuse was bothering me. I wanted to make sure that he was as free as he could be to "accept" any work schedule.

Anyway, here's another example of why I might need impulse control:

Meet my new puppy that I'm adopting from a rescue shelter in MO. I've been approved to take her, I just have to schedule a time to come get her.

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britchik96 said...

soooo cute. As long as you keep up with your fly cleaning then it'll be great. It'll also give you motivation to get outside and exercise...coz you'll have to let the dog have outside time. a will love it too. Kick A to the kerb...he's an adult now:)