Sunday, May 25, 2008

Kyra - I think?

LOL - boy, it's taking us forever to come up with a name! I like Kyra, it was "A"s idea, and now he's coming up with more new names. But, it's Kyra (I think!).

She's doing REALLY well with her potty training. We're really only having accidents a couple of times at night (which is our fault). She's going on her walks reliably and has been coming to us to let her out during the day when she needs to go. But, at night (she's sleeping with me now), she can sneak off the bed without waking me and goes potty out by the door. We really should kennel her at night (I know we should)... but she has a whine that can split ear drums! And we're being selfish by making her sleep with us. So, it's going to take a lot longer to train her if we don't get her used to her kennel and sleeping in it until she's fully potty trained.

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