Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Kyra's first trip to the vet

She developed a cough last weekend that got worse and worse... and we needed to get her in and checked out anyway. She's got 14 days of antibiotics for the cough. Some ointment for a couple of "bumps" behind her ear that might just be warts, but the vet says she's never seen a puppy get them before. We're to keep the ointment on them and see what they do. If they get really big we might have to do something, otherwise, it'll probably be safe to have them removed when she gets spayed anyway. We've got our first dosages of heart worm meds & flea meds to give by the end of the week. Otherwise, a clean bill of health.

She weighs an even 6 pounds. We asked about how big the vet would estimate that she'll get as the foster mom estimated she would stay under 15 pounds, but she's got really big paws a sure sign that she won't stay terribly small. The vet's rough estimate is 15-18 pounds which sounds great to me.

She gets more shots in 3 weeks, and again about two weeks after that. Then she's kosher until she's six months for her spay visit. Interestingly the micro-chip identification system is only about $40 at the vet (I don't know why I thought it would be at least twice that) ... so we'll likely do that at the same trip.

Overall, I'm thrilled with the house training progress and how rarely she barks. She only barks a little (or whines a lot) if she's trying to get something she can't reach or is in her kennel (and she's getting better in the kennel). She's a very quiet dog which is part of the reason I really wanted a cockapoo since I'd heard they weren't very "barky" for being smaller dogs.

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