Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Meal Planning

hurrump... last time's menus didn't work out very well... and it wasn't even well planned.

  • Leftovers Casserole
  • Alfredo Chicken
  • Best Homemade Chicken Soup
We had Alfredo Chicken - made with low-fat low-calorie Alfredo sauce. Hmmm - edible, but not good.

So, this week, starting tonight:

  • Wednesday night - McD's
  • Thursday night - Leftovers Casserole
  • Friday Night - Pasta at Pizza Hut
  • Saturday - Chicken Soup
  • Sunday - Pork Chops
  • Monday - Goulash
  • Tuesday - Polynesian-Glazed Meatballs
  • Wednesday - McD's again
  • Thursday - Mexican Lasagna
  • Friday - Frozen Pizza
Now, "A" is frustrated that we're out of groceries (and we are)... because I've been almost two weeks since making a grocery list. So, I've asked him what he'd like to see on this list, and he's got nothing... can't come up with anything. Lot of help, he is. So, even though I'm officially "up to" going shopping. He gets to do it again. As that way, if he sees something he'd like to bring home, he can pick it up. So we're good.

I'll post my flying progress later. Not too bad, even while potty-training the puppy! No real improvement, but we're not amid the clutter either. Since I was out of town all weekend, I really didn't have any time to tackle tasks. So, this weekend will be my catch-up.

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