Saturday, May 31, 2008

Meal Planning

OK, two meals left from last "attempt". Goulash and the Polynesian Meatballs. Since "A" didn't pick up necessary ingredients at last trip to store. I am working on the grocery list today and figure we'll through them on next week's menu.

Saturday - frozen pizza
Sunday - Roasted Chicken
Monday - Goulash (will try for a double-batch so I have lots of leftovers for lunch)
Tuesday - Chicken Tortilla Soup
Wednesday - McD's
Thursday - Farmer's Market (whatever looks good on our walk through - most meals for "a" and I are under $5)
Friday - Polynesian Meatballs
Saturday - Mexican Lasagna... try the same recipe as last time only last time I forgot the salsa and "A" has requested that we skip the "white stuff" (cottage cheese).

The Thursday night farmer's market is open again. I skipped the first week as "a" was being a bit bratty (very over-tired) and it was the night before my drive to St Louis... the following week, I took Kyra as "a" was being bad and wasn't being a big boy so didn't get to go. This last week, "a" went and Kyra stayed home (as we were running a little bit late and didn't want to run home to pick her up). They have wonderful options... unfortunately, last week I skipped the mexican place to try the chinese place instead (crabmeat raggoons ---yummmm!). THEN THEY WEREN'T THERE THIS WEEK! GRRR.... if I'd known they weren't going to be there every week, I would have gone to them when I saw them!!! An entire plate filled with enchilladas or tacos for only $4!!! And absolutely devine flavor as well... as they have such awesome food! I'm so depressed that I missed them the following week.

BUT, I have to start "skipping" some of the booths that have become hazards - there's one that makes home-made fudge - their peanut butter fudge is to die for (melt in your mouth yumminess) and they have this incredible vanilla rasberry swirl that is decadent! I've spent $12/week there and really don't need to be eating fudge every night before I go to bed.

Next week, there's a new shop with chorro's - with caramel filling and drizzled with chocolate (can you imagine the flavor?). We were already filled with sugar last week when we found it, so I said no.... but we've got them as our go-to snack trip for this coming week!

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