Friday, May 23, 2008

More on the puppy with no name!

OK, for some reason, she wanted to sleep with me last night. But "A" had to admit, that this time he was jealous and twice he almost came in to steal her. Unfortunately, she had figured out how to get down from the bed on her own. So, I think I only woke up to her coming back to bed after a potty "somewhere she's not supposed to" trip. And then, when the alarm went off this morning, she had no urgent need to wake me up, now did she?

Good news is that as I worked from home this morning - we had four successful "potty time" trips outside and no inside accidents. Now, to keep this up all the time.

And on the name front... Zena "Warrier Princess" isn't cutting it. "A" has suggested "Kitty" - and backed it up with the mom's name on That 70's Show as a name that is more than a nickname for the cat in our life. I think it can be funny calling "here kitty, kitty, kitty" at the dog park! But, other than that, I think it will just seriously confuse our cat. He's already frustrated we brought a dog into the house... so calling him and meaning the dog? I think he'd be super resentful!

So, puppy is still nameless. Puppy did go to farmers market last night with me. "a" did not get to go because he's starting to have dirty pants accidents and only big boys get to go with mommy to the market. Puppy charmed everyone who was there and only got a little scared... she was shaking at one point, so I wrapped her up tightly in the side of my jacket and we went off by ourselves. But, she loved the attention and handled things pretty well from my arms (safer anyway with all those people walking around). Little girls and little boys who wanted to pet her often got kisses. Single women kept trying to take her away from me. So, she stole everyone's hearts!

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