Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

Well, apparently, having a 19 yr old who suddenly is realizing that mom isn't totally inane and is capable of trying to help you out a little pays off when it comes to Mother's day. At least a little. I got more today, than I have well, since he used to make things for me at daycare... 16 some years ago - LOL!

I got breakfast in bed, plus a nice card. Offered dinner, but instead, we went to a nearby park to let "a" play in the playground and I got to stretch my legs and practice walking without a limp. Stopped & picked up some flowers for the balcony in memory of my mother (my Mother's day gift for her was always annuals for her gardens/porch). Then we stopped at Dairy Queen on our way home. I even got a little time to watch some movies this morning and do a little knitting. All in all? One of the better mother's days I've had in a while.

Yesterday we went through ALL of "a"s toys... I've got about four to five boxes in the living room of toys he's either outgrown, or just isn't interested in any more. I've posted them out on free cycle and have people coming in the next day or so to pick them up. Unfortunately, these kinds of toys always become more interesting if they aren't hidden among the other toys. But, it's all good. The good news is that by decreasing the mountain of toys - it's MUCH easier to pick up after "a". And with a new puppy coming home, that is very important. The other important thing is that "a" will learn better than ever to pick up after himself if he's got a little puppy that likes to chew to teach him.

I'm getting really excited about the puppy - "A" is trying to talk me out of it virtually every day... but I've missed having a dog so much, I just can't wait. The only time I haven't had a dog is a) when he was first born and I couldn't have one in the apartments/houses we were renting and then b) when I first got my own house when he was three or four but was working 2 1/2 jobs. Once I met my second husband I didn't have to work so much, but then, he had a dog. And we got another dog before I left. I did get a dog while we were living in Newton - but he didn't work out very well. Don't know why - but I never did "fall for him" so to speak. He was nine months old when we took him in and not very well behaved. We ended up spending a lot of time training him... I suppose I was just frustrated as "a" was quite little and we didn't get to play as we spent so much time getting him to behave. He ended up going back home to the people who gave him to us. They were happy, he was happy & we were happy.

The puppy I'm getting is almost three months old - and very tiny, with curly blond hair. She's be a challenge still I know, but with "a" a little older now, this'll be much more enjoyable. The initial challenge will be keeping my cat from trying to kill the little puppy. He's actually fine with dogs... but, he's going to hate sharing attention or lap space... and is quite happy being the only pet in the house. Add the fact that he's 8 yrs old and pretty sedentary - and a puppy (ANY PUPPY) is so not that... they want to play and they want to play with everyone as often as they can. This is good for Junior (the cat) as he needs to play more... he's just not going to give in without any grumpiness.

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