Friday, May 02, 2008

Progress with Meal Planning

Well, for probably the first time, we stuck pretty close to the meal plans. It did help that I wasn't "out" most evenings. I'm hoping to start going to the Y a couple of nights a week either next week or (more likely) the following.

But, in eight evenings, we managed seven of the meals. What I forgot about was Wednesday being "McDonald's Night"... it's very, VERY helpful for little boys to KNOW that if I say that they get to go to McD's on Wednesday and not every NIGHT... that it's not just a No, not never... and he looks forward to Wednesday... and if he asks for it on another night (which he always will)... I just say, NOPE, but we can go on Wednesday. Since I really cannot STAND to eat there... either I heat up leftovers, or pick something up at Wendy's on that night (which is half a block from McD's).

So, that's cool. Now, I just have to remember to block that night off on my planning.

I've got three or four recipes that I can make ahead and freeze; and four or five fairly quick-to-make recipes that now fall into a pretty well 'accepted' by both boys. I'd like to have a couple more freeze-ahead meals. If I work it out correctly, I can make 3-4 of those freeze-ahead meals and time them out so that instead of having the same meals week after week, they won't get repeated until after a third or fourth week. That would be awesome. Plus, save me time in the evening... always a good thing.

We'll get there, eventually. I'll have to spend some time tomorrow searching for more recipes to try that I think I can sell to my fussy eater (who is actually "A", he's way more picky than "a").

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Eliz3333abeth said...

You are so right that make-ahead meals are lifesavers for busy moms with busy schedules!

Last week I submitted an article on my website about the different techniques available for make-ahead meals. There are more options than the frozen dinners these days (Although frozen entrees have long been a staple at our house!). is the link to last week's article.

This week's article shows the alternate techniques for bake once-eat twice method. is the link to the current page.