Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Puppy Name settled

We think, anyway.

I was looking for a "tough girl" name since she's this little sweet fluffy dog. Like big guys named tiny. I swear - I did not realize at the time that this is exactly what our neighbors had done. They have a chihuahua with the coloring of a doberman (very cute btw)... named "Brutus"... LOL

Only realized it last night when I heard them outside calling him... so I swear, I didn't steal the idea from them.

But, we struggled... "Bertha"... "Isis".... "Zena, Warrior Princess"... none of them were taking.

I keep accidentally saying things like "good kitty" and "here kitty" to her - think I've been around cats too long?

Anyway - "A"s girlfriend has a gamer nickname she mentioned might work for a name "Doom Kitten"... but I'm not keen on calling a dog a "kitten" other than accidentally (obviously). But, we're thinking "DK" will work. It's not too "girly" which is the issue I had initially with some of the names I kept coming up with. It's not "cutsie" which is the second set of names that kept coming to mind.... which "A" hated. The biggest issue is that we might end up having to explain it constantly... and even if we explain it, we'll probably get weird looks.

So, it's "DK" for now... but ? who knows?

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britchik96 said...

2 suggestions: First a boring one (Sydney or Sid) after the Alias TV show - not girlie a bit! Or, more fun go to blogthings and look at "what's your porn star name?" hahahah - now THAT would be funny