Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Sore again today

There's been a huge glut of bureaucracy around my security badge. Apparently, the following is too much for a security access program/TEAM of professionals, can handle:

  • Take vacation -- and get hurt ergo, do not appear in the office long enough to let the badge expire
  • Lose said badge
  • Find previously lost badge that was reported loss upon tearing apart the house to find missing badge
  • Be in the middle of an office building move - where you need access to TWO SEPARATE buildings
  • Be "disabled" enough that revolving doors are "too much to handle", ergo, needing "handicapped" access to new building
  • Have other building (with NO REVOLVING DOORS) not have an option for handicapped access... doesn't matter that I don't need it in that building, it doesn't have it
  • AND - have an undetermined "end date" to when no longer will need access to two buildings.
We filled out MORE THAN TEN security access requests - basically whatever we were asked to fill out. And, they still could not get me a badge within FOUR WEEKS. And this is with virtually daily calls to discuss and try to figure out what on earth we need to fill out next as suddenly it usually got determined that whatever form was supposed to solve the issue last time? No longer meets the needs and we needed to try something else.

At three weeks, I was told (only after calling to badger again) that I did have a badge made for me, but it would no longer function for the new need after all, and that they would contact me after destroying this badge and creating a new one. A week later, still no call... Finally, they did tell the department assistant that there was a badge ready - only didn't tell me (like they are supposed to). I went to another office to find that out. Only to find out that I have to go to a third building to pick up this badge - on Monday, Wednesday or Friday.

OK - so, this Monday morning I went to go to the new building, that I've been to four times before -- but suddenly (maybe Monday morning blues?) couldn't find said building. And, it's not on the internet, since there are no customer service/tellers at this office building, so they do not want customers going to this building. I finally break down and call a coworker (when I so did NOT want to admit that I couldn't find it). Get there (this took almost an hour)... only to find that they only have the office open from 11am - 2pm.

So, back to my old office since I would have to turn around at lunch time to go to the new building... did finally get said badge - but it's still not set up correctly.

So, go to new office building yesterday. My badge doesn't work. Go figure. ONLY here? BIG issue. So, because the badge doesn't work, I can't park in the parking ramp... so I have to park about a MILE away from the closest employee entrance. Not, that I can enter that entrance... no that would require a working badge.

So, instead I walk past the employee entrance, to walk what is the equivalent of two city blocks to get to the "visitor" entrance to get a temporary badge for the day - only to walk the complete two blocks back towards the employee entrance because of course, my office is only about ten feet from that door. I was in TERRIBLE pain... limping all over again. My foot/ankle/knee swelled up all over again. Took it easy last night (although I worked until almost 1 am)... and today? Still really hurting, really swollen.. it stinks!

The good news is that my supervisor is AWESOME and she chewed them a new one and was able (by me walking two blocks and back again) to get my badge replaced with one that will work in this building. It's still not perfect, as it doesn't give me access to my old building, but since the visitor entrance is ten feet from the parking lot AND a very small facility, I can get a temporary badge when I do go there and it's not a big issue. WOOSH!

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