Wednesday, June 04, 2008

"A"s news first

He participated (well, watched and listened to) the depositions for his criminal case. Again, they dropped the assault charges (which he was willing to plead guilty to) and only a felony burglary charge remains.

EVERYONE including the police officer and the victim all stated that he did not enter the premises without permission. The victim could not remember calling "A" to invite him to come over that morning ... although "A" has testified that he received a phone call from him inviting him to come in. AND the good news is that the phone records indicate that there were actually 3 calls made to "A" from him that morning. Helps provide some "doubt" that maybe "A" is telling the truth.

Everything else from everyone's testimony validates that "A" is telling the truth about everything. Which is a big relief.

So now, we're at the point where there is another hearing on Monday the 16th to determine next steps. "A"s lawyer is hoping they'll drop all charges at this hearing... but who knows. I'm not sure that they can't drop the burglary charge and not ressurect the assault charge. But, if they do, and "A" pleads guilty, he might get time charged. Better yet, no felony is associated with that charge and that's been my primary concern.

So, we still get to "wait and see".

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