Monday, June 16, 2008

Dating again

Its been forever. And I've just started thinking about dating again.

I met someone nice... ok. Not the man of my dreams. We went to a movie, it was nice. We kissed, it was ok. I'm not overly impressed... but then again, he's a nice guy. I've snagged his photo from online.

Sad thing is that the pic? it's a bad pic? But, honestly? This is what he really looks like. Again, not the man of my dreams.

Seriously? What's with the hair standing straight up on end?

Edited: 0h, and? Researching? Found out he's been convicted of theft in the past five years and illegal representation of having a degree... (what is this?!). Lots of parking tickets and speeding tickets (but I've got too many of the latter myself). But theft? And lying about a degree? to what end? I'm thinking we won't be seeing him again.

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britchik96 said...

I think he looks fine - remember, I'm married to someone who has stand up hair:) Mind you...given what he's convicted of maybeyou should have 2nd thoughts....or just ask him.