Monday, June 09, 2008

Flying & Menu Planning


Hit by an ATOMIC bomb
Hit by a bomb
Decluttered but not cleaned
Cleaned but not organized
Organized but not detailed
Detailed and on maintenance mode.

Priorities: If you have a room in blue, work on it first to bring it back to green. Then work on your red rooms and move down the list by colors.

Here is my list:

Master bathroom ~ Detailed and on maintenance mode
Master Bedroom ~
Hit by a bomb (small one)
Hallway ~ Detailed and on maintenance mode.
a's room ~ Hit by an ATOMIC bomb
Kitchen ~
Detailed and on maintenance mode.
Front Bath ~
Detailed and on maintenance mode.
Office area ~
Hit by a bomb
Living Room ~
Hit by a bomb
Dining Room ~
Hit by a bomb
Front Door ~
Detailed and on maintenance mode.

Can't hardly believe it. My Bedroom became a disaster zone; the living room is another mess; and "a" trashed his room again. BUT I got the Kitchen into maintenance mode. NOT too darn bad considering I spent most of the week in bed and weekend in bed. I'm loving THAT!!! AND, I probably only spent half an hour on cleaning/housekeeping this weekend. So, even with health issues and a puppy; we are "keeping up". Now, to get turn "a"s room back to pink.

Meal Planning

We had Chicken, Goulash, and Chicken Tortilla Soup (did not make double of goulash... so am now regretting lack of leftovers for lunch). Did not do the Polynesian Meatballs. "A" keeps NOT buying them... I finally bought them myself last week - and "A" ate all of them before I could make the meal :-(

Monday - Mexican Lasagna
Tuesday - Bertelli tortellini & marinara
Wednesday - McD's
Thursday - Farmer's Market
Friday - Polynesian Meatballs
Saturday - frozen pizza
Sunday - Spaghetti

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britchik96 said...

If A is eating all your food, I hope he's got a job and paying for his keep:) Glad you're feeling better - good meds are always good!