Thursday, June 26, 2008

The "nail in the coffin" for dating Dan

Dan the guy I checked into; I was kind of wary of going out with him, but as Phil suggested, perhaps I could at least ask him about what up; what the "crime" had actually been.

I've decided not too? Why you ask? Because I found him online on this is not the nail. And, as I did a little response to "how is my week going" email from him, I got lead to the screen that all emails sent get you to ... which is a "where to go next" kind of screen. And one of the things this site does is it does a TON of quizzes/questions/games that gives you something to do when you aren't emailing or chatting; and gives people a chance to ask you questions about yourself, your life, your beliefs, etc. AND on this little "where to go next" screen is a few profiles, profiles of other men that would meet your search criteria, but more specifically profiles of men that ANSWER QUESTIONS THE SAME as the person that you just emailed. So, similar personalities (supposedly). Guess who was at the top of the list??? GUESS??? The semi-insane, totally jerk-off of an ex-husband to a good friend of mine, Stephanie. This is the nail in the coffin.

If he has similar beliefs at all to Mikael? Then chances are no matter what I asked him about his past? I'd get fed a line of bull so long I could choke on it. NOT GOING THERE. NOPE. NOT INTERESTED ANY MORE. NOT EVEN A LITTLE. UGH! EW! No offense Stephanie, but I would NEVER date your ex or someone who is similar to him if I can avoid it!

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