Monday, June 23, 2008

"A" not speaking to me

And it's all my fault; but I don't care! I gave away the tv that has been sitting in "a"s room for eight months without being plugged in a single time. It's not being used. He a) doesn't need it and b) didn't watch it when he had it in his apartment plugged in.

It was still wrong of me, and I would apologize if I could (will, when he gets over it). It was also very passive aggressive. My bad. I should have spoken to him clearly about it first. I've got too much stuff, he's got too much stuff. We're moving soon and I refuse to take it all with me.

He would have more say if he was actually doing a SINGLE thing right now to justify his existence. But, no, he is playing the 100% slacker role right now.

He goes to bed around 5:00 am (after playing online games all night)... wakes up around 5:00 pm and turns around and starts playing online games again.

He's not helping around the house, he's not doing any chores, and he's not actively looking for work.

We've talked until I was blue in the face, but he just doesn't care. I care, but I'm sick of trying to convince him to take matters into his own hands and do something for g*ds sake!

His trial is only in a few weeks. And, I think part of his funk is that he too is afraid he's going to jail and doesn't want to start something and then be stuck not being able to follow through. Me; I figure I'll wait it out. If he goes to jail, so be it; if he doesn't, then he s*cks it up and starts choosing to live his life instead of wasting it online and on my couch.

So, yes, I gave away his tv that he doesn't watch and doesn't use instead of storing it for another six months and moving it again. It's like 100 pounds for goodness sake. And if he had used it once in the past eight months? I would have never considered giving it away.

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britchik96 said...

Stick to your guns - you are right. After all this is YOUR home too. he's a bad example for his brother. However....given that his trial is not that far away i'm sure he's waiting it out - it's almost like his life is on hold and he'll have a "why bother" attitude. Best thing you can do is move and not take him with you. Getting rid of stuff is soooo theraputic - just keep it up!