Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Now my news

Big storm came rolling through town on Monday night/early Tuesday Morning. I was pretty sure we were in for a big storm come Monday morning - and had to validate it based on checking the forecast.

When I woke up, the right-side of my face felt numb. More so than usual. Lasted about ten minutes.

I had another episode of facial numbness later that morning that went along with a little bit of balance issues - basically the right-side of my face went numb about the same time I couldn't walk - but I was standing next to the wall (as I was opening the door to take the dog for a walk) and managed to bang up the left side of my face as I fell into the wall.

Accompanying these symptoms... my left leg (the bad one) was swollen and painful from mid-thigh, through the knee, calf, top of foot and ankle. Totally blame this on the heavy storm rolling through, have already had one false alarm trip to ER to check it out for clotting on a previous bad storm. And in fact, post-storm, feel better, not back to the 98% I was before Monday, but close.

Only, those weren't my only symptoms. I also had severe left-shoulder pain that was radiating down my arm. I went to work hoping it would "work itself out"... by noon, it was so bad, I could barely stand to sit at my computer with my left arm against my side.

So - another false-alarm trip to ER. This time I didn't even get a doctor... but I got an EKG, heart is fine; I got an x-ray; arm & shoulder are fine; I got a ct scan; my lungs are fine. Ran some blood tests, have no clue what they all came out as, but they are fine as far as I know. I don't know more because they gave me a shot that made me all warm and fuzzy and I mostly slept from then on. So, I really wasn't much "into" delving deeper into much of anything.

Tuesday I woke up with similar symptoms but much LESS pain. Much more tolerable. BUT, as of today, Wednesday, I'm still having episodes of numbness & dizziness... and I do NOT want an MRI as they always come back negative EVEN when I had a stroke.

So, plan today is before my physical therapy go get my INR taken... then call the nurse and discuss concerns (and talk her out of talking me into going back to the ER)... if my INR is low, then bringing it up may help my symptoms. If my INR is normal... then maybe there might be something else going on.

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britchik96 said...

Excuse my ignorance but what's INR? Are you OK now, I hope so. I wish I wasn't so far away - feel so helpless. Take care my friend!