Saturday, June 07, 2008

On pain meds - it's all REALLY good

I've been struggling all week. Getting to work and through work has been a challenge. At home? I come home, walk the dog, feed the kids, lay down and take pain meds. Surface sometime in the morning and start over.

Last night? I don't remember anything past 8:00 (although "a" did end up going to bed at some point). Today? I woke up still feeling pretty pain-free (did I mention GOOD pain meds?). But, within an hour, some of it was wearing off. Took a pain med... I'm not driving anywhere, not having to work on anything other than housekeeping... it's all good. My whole body feels very relaxed and warm and kind of gel-like. I think I mentioned - these are good pain meds.

My kitchen is clean & decluttered. I've cleaned up a mess on the porch (see purging post). Rest of the house is kind of a complete disaster... but, I'm going to take a bit of a nap, watch a little tv... and then I'll spend some more time picking up later - as it's not so bad that we can't clean it all up if the three of us set a timer and do a five-minute room rescue on each room. And then I can take another pain killer & veg out again. See? It's all good - really good.

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