Saturday, June 07, 2008

On purging -- It's all good.

I have been in PURGE mode for a couple of months now. Doing better some weeks than others. Today, I've hit a new "phase" and it's all good.

I was in the kitchen & looked at the top of my cabinets. There's a few crockpots - need those, but there's also several items that were put up there to "take up space". Things I didn't love, didn't need, didn't know where else to put them. These are all boxed up now and I have a post out on free cycle for someone to come get them. If not snapped up this weekend, I'm taking them to Goodwill on Monday.

I even went through my candles "closet". I pulled out about a dozen tapers that were all broken (when was I going to use them???). Threw a couple of cute/but I don't need candle holders into the misc. boxes. Threw several jar candles that were old/half-used/and kind of stinky into the trash. Organized the few remaining items... so that we're down to one shelf of candles/holders/etc. With one exception. My 20-inch one-quarter burnt 3-wick monster candle... I haven't quite convinced myself to toss. Burning candles with a toddler then a preschooler just doesn't work very well. It will probably, in fact, be a good couple of years before I get to burn a lot of candles again. And, this kind of candle? If you light it, you need to be ready to let it burn a good six to eight hours. That's just not going to happen again any time soon. But, it's so pretty, and it smells so good, and there's so much left to it. AND its a party-lite candle. So, it's going to burn-down right. As opposed to the cheapo version that I tossed before my last move because it wasn't burning down right and it was a waste of wax and space. So, not quite ready to part with this one yet.

I was out on the porch cleaning up a mess that I cannot blame anyone for (even though I want to). I had been buying "a" several items that although he plays with them... he's just not "into" them. Trains. His train table was moved to the garage in November, he hasn't asked about it nor wanted it since. His trains, however, were left in his room for the longest time. He does drag them out about once in a blue moon... and then leaves the mess out for the longest time. About a month ago, when I was purging his room of un-wanted and un-needed toys. I pulled them out. I boxed them up. My thought? Stick them in the garage. Won't these make the most awesome toys at "grandma's house" (I know, I'm not a grandma and in no hurry to become a grandma); but they just seem like great, timeless toys that would bring pleasure for "generations to come". In fact, I bought a 3-story garage for cars to add to this set for Christmas this year (and it wasn't cheap). (He's played with it twice). THEN it sat. I wanted "A" to take it to the garage (this was while stairs & carrying things were not something one can do easily yet). He didn't. "a" drug them all out again... add puppy & this could not stand. I boxed them all up... again. "A" did not take them to the garage... again. Puppy came home and toys must be moved. I put them on the balcony with strict orders to "A" to relocate them to garage "before it rains". Several storms later... I go out on the balcony to try to reclaim them. They are under the bird feeders. Can you imagine the mess? Not "throw them away" mess. But, mess none-the-less. "a" had taken several out to play with. Seeds & seed shells were littered all over them. Some of them took some rain damage. Dry now, but discolored. Some of them took some paint issues with sun/rain/etc. I removed all loose paint, but they could use some sanding. One of them had been found by the puppy. Not good... probably needs to be sanded seriously & repainted. What to do? I cleaned them up and spent a good 30 minutes debating in my head the insanity of hanging onto these toys that are rarely played with. The insanity of storing toys for grandchildren I don't have with toys they probably won't even like any better than "a" likes them now. I've listed them on craigslist. If they were "thomas" trains I would have offered them to Liam's mommy first. But, they're the plain-jane no-name ones (Liam LOVES all things thomas). Too be truly honest - he loves all things trains. However, his mom is trying to keep the house clean and pared-down while their house is listed for sale. AND if they were Thomas, she might have been swayed to go ahead and take them in or stored them for post-house sale. But, given they were non-Thomas, I figured I wouldn't even bother tempting her when she doesn't want to make room for them either.

Purging. I must do more purging before moving this summer! It does feel good. And? I am SO not into buying things now. Last thing we need is more "stuff". It's all good!

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