Friday, June 06, 2008

Still feeling crappy

Sorry - INR is the blood test results that tells me if the medicine I'm taking is in the right range... unfortunately, too little medicine (too low my INR) and I can clot again and possibly die. Too much medicine (too high my INR) and I can spontaneously have internal bleeding and die. AND to top it all off, everything you eat, every pill you take, the amount of stress in your life, sleep, exercise... absolutely everything and anything can affect your INR... so it has to be monitored constantly.

I was hoping that it was low, which would mean I just up my medicine intake and I feel better. It isn't very low. It's kind-of, sort-of, sort-a lower than it could be... so I'm going to take an itsy-bitsy bit more medicine every other day to see if I can just nudge it ever-so-slightly higher to see if it helps.

And I go back next week to get tested again to see if it is too high and I need to back off.

I've got an appointment with my Internist... to see what he thinks. But honestly? We've had three serious storms in this past week, with more on the way. Could it be that? I'm just sick of dealing with it.

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