Sunday, June 15, 2008

Talked to Betty

She, Darrin & Family are fine. The family is at a hotel, Darrin is working from a friends' home trying to follow disaster recovery plans. Guess Betty's brother got flooded out as well. She hasn't had a chance to see their house yet. They have to be escorted and they are doing safety checks; taking bulldozers to the streets to clear debris so that people can get in. She's pretty sure the house is probably a complete loss, but hoping that the valuables they moved to the second story were safe. It's just something else. Quite devastating.

Me, I'm being all selfish and so concerned that the BBQ roundup has to be rescheduled. Isn't that terrible? But, there's only so much I can do to help. I'm donating to United Way again, like I did with Katrina. I know there are a lot of people comparing the two events. Not sure that I can see it quite so easy to compare. I know the property damage is disastrous... but most everyone got out, very few were left in the flooded areas. Yes, some had to be rescued by boat... but it's not like people spent three days on rooftops waiting to get rescued. Good news is that they learned some things from Katrina - so one of the shelters is allowing people to bring their pets in. And the Kirkwood Community College has an animal husbandry program and took in all the animals from the animal shelter that got flooded and then opened its doors to anyone who had pets that needed a place. In fact, they're even going through the flooded areas to rescue pets now. That's a huge improvement, but I can't say that the loss of life is going to be anything like what they saw in Katrina. This is still sad... and worthy of more concern than when I get to have BBQ again (I know, it's bad)... but it's still not quite as bad as Katrina (thankfully!).

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