Friday, June 27, 2008

Tough day

Woke up to "A" wanting to know where my billfold was. It was missing is where it was. I was half convinced it had to be in the kitchen, it wasn't. And half convinced "A" had taken the almost 100 in cash and took the billfold to cover it up. I freaked out a little as I had just used it and was worried someone had my credit, debit cards and my checkbook.

I had taken the day off to take the cat to the vet (messy business) and to go to get ribs in CR at the BBQ rpound up. So even though I was running a little late for the vet, I decided to stop at the pharmacy (where I had last used my debit card) on the slim chance I had managed to leave it there. I hadn't.

So as I was racing back to the car to go to the vet (that I am now late for) and "a" decides to throw a tantrum. And run in front of a car. I pull knee muscles darting after him, of course as I'm not really supposed to run. I virtually drag him to the car chewing him out all the way. I was already stressed over the billfold, and then for him to do something so dangerous.

Son we are now in the car, and I'm still chewing him out, and what do I do? I back right into a car trying to drive through the lot. Ugh. No one was hurt, and although both vehicles were damaged, they are both driveable.

Vet bill - 200
Deductable for car insurance - 500
And if it weren't for the fact that "A" found my billfold in a drawer, that would have been another 100 down the drain

Good news is that the ribs were awesome as always, I got to see most af the family, "a" is now at dad's, I've had my ahot of whiskey that I've been promicing myself ever since the accident, and it's now the end of a very long day.
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britchik96 said...

I'm glad you didn't lose your billfold...sorry to hear about your terrible time. I miss the ribs....