Sunday, July 27, 2008

Busy weekend

Am cleaning out the garage some more, packing some more, getting rid of loads more stuff. I had about five people come by yesterday for freecycle stuff, have two more expected today.

I'm also heading out later to pick up a rug from craigslist... it's a $10 cheap buy for an 8x10 rug that if it gets stained by you-know-who, I will not lose an ounce of sleep over it.

Couple of other "odds & ends" that keep floating around in my head... I'm talking to a fellow from on-line. Seems nice enough, but there's something I can't quite place my fingers on. We talked once for about fifteen minutes, and it seemed fine. Second time we talked, he kept apologizing. He's not very computer literate - and he'd read something that the web site places on your profile "for you" and got the wrong idea. It wasn't until after he mailed me that he realized there was stuff on his profile that he didn't place there that was also misleading (mine was pretty sexual)... and then he had to apologize for the fact that he hadn't finished filling out his profile and it indicated he was looking for casual sex. He's since finished filling out his profile. All of that, I can take with no problems... not everyone spends their lives in front of a computer like I do...

But, that second call, he brought it up twice that if he's "bugging me" that I need to let him know. Twice... not once. Then, we don't talk for several days, and he sends me EIGHT identical emails. So, pretty sure he messed it up somehow, not sure how... but eh, not blaming him for that. But, then Friday night rolled around, and he calls SIX times (in about thirty minutes). I was on the couch after an AWEFUL day at work, feeling stressed, really, really enjoying television and time with both boys and just didn't bother to answer the phone. Didn't even look to see who was calling. I figured I'd just spent about ten hours on the phone and it was the LAST thing I want to do. But, then he didn't leave a message. So, I haven't called him back... not like I don't have other things to do. And, I haven't even met this guy, it's not that I'm trying to discourage him, but then I'm not certain I want to overly encourage him either. I just figure we can chat for a while to get to know each other - and I'm not about to drop everything I'm doing for a "maybe" when I'm not sure I'm that interested. So, now, I get an email about why I won't talk to him, and if he's bugging me - to let him know, but that he thought I was interested. WTH? Ummm - if you'd left me a message asking me to call you back, I probably would have. You didn't... if you hadn't made each of those calls seconds apart, but instead spaced them out over the weekend, I would have probably answered. I'm thinking that he's been a pest in the past - hence the let me know if I'm bugging you, and is assuming I was screening his calls specifically. Instead of just "I was out of pocket" and not answering "anyone's" calls. In fact, in the back of my mind I started to worry it was my step-dad or sister and there was a problem, but I figured it could wait until the movie ended... I don't know - I'm just getting this suspicion that all is not "sane" with this dude and NOW that he's over-reacting a little, I want out altogether.

Work has been nuts - again. And, although most of it is good, healthy, keep you busy kind of nuts, some of it hasn't been. We're in a bit of a power struggle between groups, and I just want out. But, to get out, I need to "brain-dump" as much as I can for about 1000 pieces of things and get it to where three other people know it. And, then, because I can't brain-dump EVERYTHING I know about Access & Databases & Queries at the same time, I'm trying to build a front-end, database driven solution that will help them do the job I was doing in Access. Only, I only know how things used to need to be done, and everything has changed. And, not only has everything changed, but things change every couple of hours. There's no "stability" in any expectations. I'm trying to control that by drawing up Requirements & Design docs so I can lock people into what they're going to get; but everyone is freaking out on me because I'm trying to set expectations. I'm trying to talk in general terms to try to capture some of this information and make sure everyone agrees to it... but most of them don't understand. So, the only way I can explain myself is to go through an example. They now want me to go through every individual, detailed step of a process (when there's only about 90 of them) with the group on top of everything else. Ugh. Sad thing is that to a point, they are right, this is something that needs to be done, HOWEVER, the detailed planning can come SO MUCH later if we could just discuss the over-all pattern that we would expect to have happen. If we have the over-all; then I can get further with the design; and as we flesh out the details, I can make adjustments accordingly. AND, the over-all plan won't change every five minutes unlike the detailed plan. Very, very frustrating. On top of that, I've got a program manager who doesn't understand why things are more complicated for me and I can't get my work done. Well, gee... if we continue down the pattern we are? Let's see, out of the 1000 items, I got 100 done in just about four hours. So, that would presumably take another 36 hours to do the other 900 items. Then, out of the 90 processes, we got through maybe 1/10th of the first process in a time period of, about, eight hours? Hmmm.... let me do the math here, 80 hours to capture one process, and assuming the rest go easier? Maybe 40 hours to capture the next 89? Gee, don't suppose that just maybe this isn't going to happen THIS YEAR. OR, maybe, just maybe, we really need to re-think how we go about figuring out what the process is. Because otherwise, we'll never get it finished.

Ok, done venting now. But, after ten hours of dealing with this over the phone on Friday? No wonder I didn't want to talk to anyone. I'm just saying.

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