Thursday, July 24, 2008

FLYing along

Haven't posted a flying progress report - because although the house is actually in pretty good shape - there's a mini-mountain in my living room of packed boxes - and open boxes in virtually every other room so that I can pack for five minutes here and five minutes there. As a result, it's kind of hard for me to declare any room "good" - I think they all look like a bomb has gone off... but it's a mess with a purpose. I have a whole stash of items waiting to be picked up by freecyclers.

But, wanted to share something "fun" for me. Most of the flylady system portion that I use is all sent out via emails (can sign up for free). And, yesterday an email came out with a request from a reporter doing an article about "housekeeping" that she had asked the flylady to send out to see if they could get any responses. I sent my response... and then got to thinking. And then I sent an oh, by the way response later. I typed up all the things that I see as being a benefit from adopting this process... I'm going to copy it below. And the fun part? They've asked if they can quote me in the article! How fun - I'll post the link when I get it.

I got to thinking about all the things that really didn't apply to your questionaire, but that were impacted by my adoption of the flylady method. I think I made it very clear how much it helped me destress and how my children became more cooperative around cleaning. And, I touched on my increased amount of free time.... but there's so much more.

Because I have free time, I've been doing menu planning.
As a result of menu planning, I've started shopping & doing cook-ahead meals in bulk.
As a result of shopping in bulk & cooking ahead meals, I've been saving a ton of money on groceries.
Because I've been cooking ahead meals, I have more time every night when I come home from work to spend relaxing.
Because I've been doing menu planning & cooking ahead meals, preparing dinner becomes a fun event instead of a dreaded chore because I never used to know what I was making.
Because I've been having extra time every evening & enjoying the task of preparing dinner, I've had time to explore new recipes to try.
Because I've been trying new recipes, I've found easy, inexpensive & more healthy meals than I used to cook.
My children & I are eating healthier & feeling good about it.
AND - I'm buying less prepared food, so again, saving money.

Because I have free time, I have had more time to manage my household expenses.
I've found ways to save with money on my wireless phone bill - without losing any functionality or minutes that would be needed.
I've identified other money being spent on items we really weren't using - like the landline that is now disconnected.
I've managed to identify upcoming expenses better and being able to plan my budget better as a result of spending a little time planning ahead... this has resulted in eliminating overdraft fees and making the most of a line of credit to ensure that I'm managing my budget without borrowing more than I need - saving money on fees & interest.
I've managed to pay bills on time more often, saving late fees.

Saving money has meant that I could add money to an emergency fund and start paying more money towards debt - again reducing stress.

Having more free time every evening, makes it easier for me to plan on getting to the gym three nights a week, whereas before when I was "living in chaos" I was lucky to get to the gym once a week.
My 5 yr old son LOVES the daycare center at my gym and looks forward to going several time a week to play with his friends.
He's getting more social skills, I'm getting healthier AND I'm setting a good example for him.

It's REALLY amazing to me, looking back to the past year where I first learned about flylady, started the "babysteps" and learning how to adopt her method. Albeit, I have a long way to go still. BUT, the impact that getting a little more organized at home, a little less cluttered, and a little more structured about how I go about cleaning has been a virtual miracle. No one could have told me back then that by changing my method of cleaning and making little adjustments to my routines so that I was doing a little bit of cleaning as I got ready would have freed up so much more time and eliminated so much stress.

Just wanted to share - because, this, to me... is something worth shouting from the rooftop to others.

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britchik96 said...

OMG - that is AWESOME. It's hard to imagine how you coped before. Getting "a" excited about the gym is brilliant - it means you're letting him down if you don't go. You smartarse! What a great article - and I hope they print the whole thing. it's fabulous!