Thursday, July 24, 2008

How did we ever live without the internet?

Seeing Phil's post about cleaning her sofa... reminded me that I hadn't posted this.

Last Sunday while I was packing and "A" was online (as if he's ever NOT online) "a" managed to find the silly putty I thought I had thrown away. AND he managed to smear & smash it into the cushion on "A"s couch that we're using right now.

Now, he did feel bad about it, and I did make him attempt to clean it up. But obviously, the task isn't something that a 5-yr old is going to be able to accomplish. I started trying - and about 30 seconds later, decided I was going nowhere fast and needed more information.

One quick google search - found an answer in 15 seconds (or less). Read the question & answer from top to bottom including the part where the respondent was criticized completely for using the "wrong" stuff and that the couch should be taken to a professional... only to look back at the original question where the woman had ALREADY been to a professional who couldn't get it clean. AND the part from the respondent (in response to attack) explaining that he had just completed training at the company that makes this stuff.

So, figuring that the sofa that cost us $0 ("A" found it on a curb) and could not be saved by being taken to a cleaner (which I couldn't afford anyway) was either lost or we could try this - we tried it. And you can't tell anything ever happened to it. It came 100% clean (or as close to 100% as it needs to). "A" says he can still see spots (about the size of a pin tip) - but I can't see them (admittedly my eyesight isn't perfect any more)... and I'm not as OCD as he is - BUT the sofa is fine. In fact, I told him that if he wanted to, he could repeat the process if he really felt it needed it. Since he hasn't, I'm sure - it's fine.

The internet is a VERY AWESOME thing indeed.

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