Sunday, July 06, 2008

Not sure I like what this says about me

So, In less than two months, I've spent over $400 on the vet for the pup. Some of that is to be expected, some of that is just that I happened to find what is probably the most expensive vet in town. She hasn't even been spaded yet... that was just shots and examinations and three months of heart worm/flea prevention.

Took the cat in since even though he is an indoor only cat, if any fleas happen to hitch a ride long enough to make it into the apartment, he can get flea infested - so I needed a current check up on him before starting him on flea prevention as well. Plus he was way overdue for shots - so that's another $200.

Now, the cat (whom I love dearly and MUST NEVER, EVER DIE) is very healthy, however, he's got a bad tooth that's probably quite painful. And needs to have it removed. And I can't stand the fact that he's probably in pain. It's gonna cost over $300 for the treatment.

Kyra the puppy? The spaying needed in about six weeks? That's got a $400 price tag.

I love my pets, I really do. And, honestly? This MUST be the reason people pay exorbitant fees for "pet health insurance" which I used to nay-say and laugh about. Me? I'm thinking instead of going to "Value Vet" which declares itself to be the least expensive vet in town. How awful is that? I don't really want to be a cheap-skate, but holy-comoley... last THREE times I had a dog neutered or spayed, it was $60 each. That's over a 600% increase in the cost? What the hey? I wouldn't be so out-raged about the cost if I hadn't already spent so much money just on the exams. Even at Value Vet? I may just have to break down and purchase the pet health insurance anyway - wonder if they have a pre-existing condition clause? Lord, I feel like a freak just thinking about buying "pet Insurance"... but for the money? Might have to do it to save money long-term.

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britchik96 said...

It does grate when the animals cost more than the humans - I guess the question is "is it worth it?". If the answer is yes, then you take the best route to not spending as much money (and insurance is the best way to budget, that's for sure). If the answer is no, I'm sure there are lots of homes who'd take your animals with love. However...even as I write I know that "no" is not an option. Have you thought about getting a 3rd quote for getting the dog spayed?