Friday, July 11, 2008

Not sure where to start....

So, I'm going to do a list:

- My direct deposit paycheck is going into a canceled account
- this means it will bounce
- then they will get the report that it bounced sometime next week
- then they will issue me a new check
- then they will send me a new check - which I should receive 5 to 10 days after I should have gotten paid.

- because I didn't call two weeks ago
- and when I did find out who to call & what to say
- there was of all things a serious storm in Minneapolis
- and there was no power
- so I couldn't tell them to cancel the direct deposit in time

- I already wrote the check for $500 to cover the deductible on the insurance for the car repairs

I am hoping to get to the bank after work today or first thing tomorrow morning and request "assistance" if nothing else, to maybe get them to waive any over-draft fees.

In the meantime:
- I can't put a deposit down on the apartment I want
- Nor spend any money on packing supplies
- And may actually lose the opportunity

Which means:
- I won't be able to move in the next few weeks.

- I did manage to get an extension on my lease at the current apartment for 30 days

BUT of all the lame-brained, insane things to happen to me NOW?
- The roof at the apartment complex, that is being replaced?
- It collapsed & one of the workers landed in my dining room.
- I do think we can stay - as they are already repairing the roof as we speak

But geeze! My life is a 3-ring circus!

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britchik96 said...

Oh my...when it rains, it pours, right? Hang in there my friend - you will get there in the end.