Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Odd bits & pieces about work and non-working "A"

OK, so work is going better in many aspects. I sat down with my boss on Tuesday after taking Monday off. Explained that we were trying to get too detailed too soon and had too many things that were changing every 30 minutes. I told her it was too soon to build an application when we just couldn't even begin to guess at what it would look like. So, that's cool... I basically put the new application/tool on hold and it's still on the drawing board for later.

But, a co-worker put in their resignation, they're moving to a new department. I've been tasked for some time to learn their job anyway... now it's urgent. So, I'll be sitting with them most of their remaining days to pick up what I can. Lots to learn, no place to "play", and unfortunately, a lot of new software I need to install, but can't as I'm locked out of all the administrator rights on my laptop from work. We've been asking them to fix that for the past year... and on Monday or Tuesday, they'll be taking my laptop & re-imaging it so that we can finally get over this hurdle. Hard enough learning when there's little to do, even harder if I can't even "drive"... so this will help. Trying to back up local files & short-cuts, etc so I don't lose all of that in the re-image.

And "A" not working. Still. Back to not applying for any jobs again (should just stop paying the internet bill for a while ... too bad I can't live without it). Every time I try to talk to him about it, he either hangs up on me (while we're on the phone) or goes to the bathroom or outside or just plain leaves. He doesn't want to hear it. But, tonight, we're going to have another talk about how I don't have to let him live with me. And I don't really care if he doesn't like my rules. He doesn't GET to pick and chose which rules he wants to follow. If he can't follow my rules - he can move out. OR, he can keep treating me like dirt and I can rat him out to his parole officer. HIS CHOICE. Of course, this makes me the meanest witch of the west and absolutely heartless and I don't care about him at all (in his eyes, obviously); but it's been six months now where he's slept on my couch, eaten our food, used my internet and snuck out and spent my money on gas, cigarettes, and beer. And done little else except the occasional walking of the dog or picking something up at the store when I ask. And, god forbid I don't make a huge fuss of anything he does do. Because, of course, in his mind, he doesn't need to do anything and should reap great rewards when he wipes his own *ss. (Can you tell I'm frustrated???)

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britchik96 said...

Let A go. don't take him with you. It's about flipping time he took care of himself and realized that internet access comes at a price. It'll do him good....and will reduce your stress.