Friday, July 25, 2008

Oh & menu planning

No post here for a reason. I found that I would have to go "look up" the menu I had planned for the day... and lately, I've been able to leave my laptop at work for the week without carrying it home every night... so can't exactly do my "look up" easily from home when "A" fried my mother board and hogs his computer 24x7.

So, I've got this calender where instead of having a big photo on the top half, it makes the squares for each day twice as big & the dates cover the top & bottom half. And I writing down the "planned" meal in each square. Go figure? It's easier for me AND??? get this - "A" actually started one of the meals early. Admittedly it was because he was hungry AND it sounded good. But, hey, I'll take the help regardless of the motive.

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